No matter your personal viewpoint in life, it is hard to deny that America as a country, culture, and concept is having a tough go at it.

On one hand, we are at the tail end—maybe—of the first nationwide pandemic in generations. Hundreds of thousands have died in the US, with millions losing their lives world-wide. The disruption to life is unprecedented. Kids cannot attend school, see friends, get a hug. Domestic travel was curtailed and international travel nearly non-existent. A change in the status quo of the last year is beginning, but the specter of vaccine passports or documentation promises to suppress any true recovery.

A crisis such as Covid would, on the surface, be perfect for a “coming together” of the American citizenry, but no dice. Social and political fractures are now crevices deeper than the Mariana Trench and wider than the oceans between countries. Every day the news, social media, entertainment, even trainings at your job present a litany of reasons why America is bad.

Angry mobs will cite systemic racism. Regale you with the horrors of climate change and America’s consumption of energy. Get apoplectic over the country’s lack of free health care. Or point out American greed and materialism—even as the person complaining buys more stuff off Amazon.

The good ole U.S. of A., ain’t so good to millions of its own citizens. Given half a chance, there are people who speak like an abusive parent constantly berating a child; eager to point out America’s flaws, low points, or despicableness.

I have always known there were those that called themselves American but hated the country. However, as the idea of traveling across the country via bike formed in my mind, the rejection of America and Americanism ratcheted up to new levels. Fortune 500 CEO's joined left-wing college nutcases. Silicon Valley began acting out Orwell’s 1984. The Fourth estate turned into the state of Propaganda. I don’t pretend to understand the root of this “citizenry self-loathing,” but I know there are not enough people proclaiming the truth of America.

America is a great country. A country filled with majestic beauty in its hills, rivers, plains, forest, and mountains. America is brimming—no, overflowing—with people full of love, hope, and respect for people who do not look like themselves. A fact that is borne out every year as millions from across the globe fight to make it to these shores.

There are not nearly enough people—especially the martyred throngs within communities of color—proclaiming this bottom-line truth. The likes of Candace Owens, Senator Tim Scott, Larry Elder, or Ben Carson are fighting the political fight, but I believe people need to see or have a place to turn to different from the punditry fight.

As I detail on the about me page for Wheels to Adventure, the original idea was to travel across the country by bike. A news report about the Great American Rail-Trail sparked the goal. The trail is a series of bike trails connecting the country from Washington DC to Washington state. That you could travel almost an entire continent on nothing but dedicated bike trails seemed incredible to me.

3000 miles end to end

But I also thought I could make this personal project larger than myself. Perhaps I could expand it, document it, and showcase a normal American showing love for his country. Maybe I could show America as I see it and as it is the vast majority of the time.

Thus, the I Love America tour was born. Beginning in June, I will set off with my special needs brother to traverse the country via bike and car. The trip will begin in Mobile, Alabama, home to the start of the legendary Underground Railroad. We will travel the entire route, biking the bike paths and driving through the sections where dedicated bike paths do not exist.

Once we complete the Underground Railroad route, we will shift down to Washington, DC, to follow the Great American Rail-Trail across the middle of the country. Along the way I plan on speaking with everyday people, business owners, and other travelers about the country and its people. Through words on the Wheels to Adventure newsletter, video posted here and on social media, and photos, I will document the trip and country.

Every video I have seen on traveling the country by bike or via Overlanding, mentions the goodness of people. I will zero in on that and the goodness of this glorious land.

I promise to entertain you, educate you, and sometimes amuse you. See America through the eyes of a proud black American, who does not see racism, hate, or anger in all things American. Follow me and see the country in ways you may not have before and certainly in way mainstream news will not show you.